4 Order Fulfillment Companies with No Minimum Order

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All businesses need to find a way to manage their orders and deliveries, so many opt to partner with an order fulfillment company. There are many different services available, and they all offer unique ways to receive orders and store them in their warehouses before shipping and tracking them to customers. Some companies have a minimum order requirement, but let’s take a look at four order fulfillment companies that don’t have one. 


Deliverr is one of the most popular order fulfillment companies, as it has grown exponentially since it was formed in 2017. Business owners can create an account on Deliverr for free, and the portal is readily equipped to connect to various sales channels such as eBay and Shopify. Deliverr has no minimum order requirement and is extremely transparent with its pricing, as users only have two costs – fulfillment (picking, packing, shipping) and storage. Storage in one of its facilities starts at $0.75 per cubic foot per month, but storage costs may vary by season. Fulfillment starts at $4.15 per unit and includes three different shipping speeds – standard 5- to 7- day delivery, 3-day delivery, and 2-day delivery.

Unlike some other fulfillment services, Deliverr currently does not offer the option to provide your own branded packages, but the company is working on offering that in the coming year. Deliverr offers both domestic and international shipping to many countries, so the pricing calculator on the portal is very useful for global sellers. The service only partners with warehouses that can process a minimum of 2,000 orders per day and have at least 15,000 square feet of space to store items, so you know you’re getting reliable fulfillment and storage with Deliverr. 


Founded in 2014, ShipBob is another very popular order fulfillment service that does not have a minimum order rule. ShipBob boasts an accuracy rate of over 99.5% and has four warehouses scattered throughout the United States so that customers can get their items within a timely manner. The platform is easy to use, and the process has three components: connect, store, and then ship. 

The company charges $25 per hour for two hours of receiving, and if the receiving process isn’t done in two hours, it is $40 per hour after that. Storage is currently priced at $40 per pallet per month, $10 per shelf per month, and $5 per bin per month. Therefore, the price of storage will depend on the size of the items being processed. ShipBob picks and packs four items for free and charges $0.20 for each item after that. Unlike Deliverr, ShipBob does accommodate your own branded shipping materials. The ShipBob portal is also extremely useful and offers all kinds of financial assessments and analytics. 


ShipMonk has some of the most impressive order fulfillment software, allowing users to connect to over 100 different sales channels. This service does not have a minimum order requirement, but does require users to pay at least $250 a month in so-called “pick and pack” fees. ShipMonk’s pricing consists of many different factors including various storage prices depending on the sizes of a seller’s items, varying container unloading fees, different costs for packaging materials, promotional insert fees (if applicable), and more. Therefore, it is harder to give a definitive price that sellers may pay for ShipMonk’s services, but this also shows how many different features the service offers. 

ShipMonk is beneficial to sellers wanting to ship items overseas, as its portal has an excellent way to calculate duties and find out customs information for certain countries. Perhaps one of the most unique things about ShipMonk is that it is heavily utilized by sellers that offer monthly subscriptions because it offers box assembly and kitting of these items, which is priced differently than the typical per-order pricing. 

eFulfillment Service 

Another order fulfillment service with no minimum order is eFulfillment Service, or EFS. This option has a 99.7% accuracy rate and has been operating in the e-commerce world for over two decades, making it one of the oldest fulfillment companies available. In fact, the family-owned company now partners with over 700 online retailers. Not only is there no minimum order requirement, but EFS does not charge any hidden fees and also does not require users to sign long-term agreements. 

EFS users initially pay a $23.50 fee to get onboarded and be guided through the platform. EFS charges storage fees by cubic foot, and the fulfillment costs vary greatly based upon how many items EFS processes for a seller throughout the month. Uniquely, EFS offers high-volume sellers to be charged an hourly rate and it is also one of the highest rated fulfillment services for start-ups due to the flexibility and options. EFS can also handle branded packaging, include package inserts, and provide kitting services for additional fees. 

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