5 Reasons to Use Flowspace for Your Order Fulfillment Service

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While it’s easier than ever to start a business, it takes more than a great product to be successful. Because more and more customers are shopping online, merchants need fast, reliable and efficient fulfillment services to compete in the sprawling online marketplace.

With so many fulfillment services to choose from, how do you know which is the best for you? Especially as your business continues to grow and change, it can be difficult to anticipate what you might need. Flowspace is one of the best fulfillment service providers because they understand not only the changing needs of your business but also how (and how quickly) fulfillment processes are changing.

Flowspace is built to be flexible, innovative and comprehensive in order to make your business run smoothly and efficiently. Flowspace is also designed for scalability to serve any size business (even those in the process of growing). Because of their commitment to designing intelligent software and technologies, Flowspace was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2020.

Here’s why Flowspace is right for you.

Comprehensive Services and Easy Integration

Shipping is one of the most complex and expensive parts of owning a business. The logistics of fulfilling orders can be overwhelming and difficult to manage – especially as you also need to focus on producing, marketing, and selling your goods.

Flowspace was designed to meet the growing demands of entrepreneurs looking for the easiest and fastest way to ship their products to consumers. Flowspace has tons features like seamless integration, inventory and order management, picking and packing, kitting, secure and safe warehousing and much more. Flowspace is ideal for both large and small businesses and for those who sell online or in brick-and-mortar stores.  

For merchants who sell on multiple channels, Flowspace allows you to connect each channel through a single integration point. Flowspace’s easy to learn and intuitive interface will have you up and running with all the major e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. Most users can learn the software in just about 10 minutes and start fulfilling orders in a matter of days.

Built to Compete Today and in the Future

Thanks to an extensive network of warehouses, Flowspace can offer 1- and 2-day shipping in more cities than some competitors. Flowspace understands that faster shipping is about warehouse space and state of the art technology.

With over 1000 fulfillment centers, Flowspace warehouses are geographically positioned to best serve more customers in more places. Their intelligent software is built to understand and manage your inventory and help you to quickly scale up or down as necessary. Flowspace understands that your customers demand fast and free shipping. They also understand you have a budget and work with you to satisfy both you and your customers. Whether it’s offering a reduced rate for longer shipping times or upgraded shipping services, Flowspace can help, offering more choices to meet your customers’ needs and expectations.

Flowspace is also focused on the ever-changing fulfillment landscape to ensure you are ready for the future. They are currently building towards same day delivery as customers will continue to demand faster and faster shipping times. Flowspace is committed to growing their warehouse partners so they can provide better access to even more locations and compete with shipping giants like Amazon.

Flowspace Offers Unparalleled Warehouse Storage

The inspiration for Flowspace came when their founder, Ben Eachus, was working for a young company whose warehousing needs fluctuated from month to month.  Eachus knew there had to be a better way for businesses to manage their warehousing needs. The name Flowspace is a testament to the company’s mission. Merchants need adaptable space that allows their goods to flow from stores into their customers hands.

Merchants love the flexibility of working with Flowspace. Not only are there no long term or complicated contracts, but merchants can also store as much or as little as needed with Flowspace. Their on-demand warehouse storage structure allows for the ebbs and flows that occur in any business so whether you need to store 100 or 100,000 pallets, Flowspace can manage.

In addition to such a prolific network of warehouses, Flowspace can also manage specialty products like organics, AIB certified or pharmaceutical goods.  Whether you are shipping hazmat materials, materials needing strict temperature control or oversized goods, Flowspace can pick, pack and ship your goods quickly and with care.

Inventory and Order Management

With Flowspace, you retain complete control of your business without having to deal with the headaches of fulfillment. With Flowspace’s user friendly interface you can easily track inbound and outbound shipments, see SKUs, product descriptions, and manage your goods. In just a few clicks, you can get valuable insights and data to track the overall health of your business.

Flowspace’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) helps you keep better track of inventory. With real-time visibility, you can better understand where your goods are going and know that you’ll never have to deal with lost inventory. If problems do arise, you can see exactly what, where and when the problem occurred and can immediately address it.

Your team can work more efficiently by eliminating the need for humans to perform repetitive and mundane tasks. Because Flowspace takes care of important, but boring tasks, like shopping for rates and checking carrier availability, you and your team are available to focus on growing your business. When everyone is more productive, your business will run smoother and your customers will be more satisfied.

Flowspace Customer Experience

With one of the largest tech enabled fulfillment networks, Flowspace is quickly becoming the best fulfillment service available to businesses of any size. But it’s not just their logistics automation or warehouse network that sets them apart. Flowspace creates a customer experience unlike any of its competitors.

Their customer service representatives are knowledgeable, attentive, friendly, and best of all – always available. They don’t simply answer questions, but they work with you as collaborative partners to understand your specific business needs. Flowspace representatives work with you to help you navigate the ever-changing fulfillment landscape so you can keep your business running with happy customers.

Because Flowspace is so focused on their user’s experience, they regularly collect feedback and solicit new ideas to improve their services. Flowspace understands that their success is dependent on your success. They are committed to ensuring you have the easiest and most efficient means to fulfill your orders.

Get a Quote Today

Fulfillment can be overwhelming. Most business owners are not well versed in the logistics of fulfilling orders. However, this vital part of your business is not an area to be overlooked or ignored. Flowspace’s expertise takes away the stress and uncertainty. With their innovative logistics automation, including integrated software, technology, and infrastructure, Flowspace removes unnecessary and costly manual processes from fulfillment.

With fair, transparent pricing, you know exactly what to expect from Flowspace without any hidden fees or unfair contract terms. The experts at Flowspace know that comprehensive technology and warehouse space are at the heart of fast, reliable fulfillment.  With Flowspace, shipping a t-shirt is as easy as shipping ten-ton bricks, managing 100 pallets is as easy as managing 10,000, and you’ll have a logistics fulfillment partner that’s invested in your success. 

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