7 Secrets to Successful Order Fulfillment

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In order to have a successful order fulfillment business, there are a few trade secrets you will need to know. Below are the 7 most powerful secrets to get you moving in the right direction and experiencing success as quickly as possible!

Secret #1 – Be an Amazing Shopper!

Make sure that you shop around for all your order fulfillment needs. Check to see if it is more effective for you to do it yourself or to outsource your order fulfillment. Be sure you check fine print in contracts for any services you use in case there are hidden fees or costs. Do not contract any services you cannot cancel if you are unhappy with their service. Check to make sure there are no cancellation fees.

Secret #2 – Go Big and Be Ready!

When setting up your business, be sure you plan for growth. You may be a small business or a start-up, but make sure that you are mighty! Develop systems for your business that work for you as a small company, but with a little tweaking can keep you rolling as your company grows. You may not be able to see the possibility of getting large, but when it happens it will come quickly. Don’t be caught unprepared.

Secret #3 – Inventory and Customer Happiness Go Hand in Hand.

Make sure you have a real-time inventory management system in place to handle your customer base. Knowing what you have on hand or how far out a product delivery is can help to ward off unexpected shortages that will leave customers unhappy. Another system to have in place is a CRM system or customer relations management system. Here you can do special things for your current loyal customers and keep track of those who may be falling by the way side so you can scoop the back up and keep your profits rolling in.

Secret #4 – The Systems in Your Company Need to Be Transparent.

Making sure you are able to identify how effective your processes are will enable you to keep a handle on your business costs. With clearly defined and measurable systems you can keep up on what has been done, what needs to be done, and what isn’t being done with the company bottom dollar in mind.

Secret #5 – Have A Strong Brand and Make Sure Your Brand Is Seen

Do a little homework and investigate the ideas for your brand and how they will be perceived by the public. This is a huge consideration. Making sure you make the right impression is vital. Once you have your image right, place it everywhere. Making use of your brand and effective marketing methods can get the profits rolling in.

Secret #6 – You Need a Failsafe Correction for Errors or Returns

This secret is often forgotten or dealt with as they come in. This is detrimental for your business. Making sure you have a system in place for handling and compensating customers for their inconvenience due to company error is important. The smoother and easier the system the happier the customer. This is true for returns as well. If a customer is unhappy with a product and can send it back, the more likely they will be willing to take a risk on other products you may have. In the long run this will contribute to customer retention.

Secret #7 – Know Your Strengths and Leverage Them for Better Profits.

Finally, know what you are good at and use it as a selling points for your customers. What is it that you do or offer that other companies don’t offer, or that you do better. Making strong statements as to your abilities that shed light on your competitors inadequacies can prove to be points for your company that will be visible in dollars!

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