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If you’re looking for a better order fulfillment service for your ecommerce business – perhaps cheaper, faster, more responsive – you’ve come to the right place. Helping small business owners choose the best company to store, pack, and ship their products is what we’ve been doing since 2010. Now there are a LOT of fulfillment companies out there, so we didn’t list all of them here, but we did create a big list of the most popular and successful order fulfillment companies.

Our objective is to give you an idea of the types of companies available to help you and to make your selection process just a bit easier. Every small business is unique and has their own particular requirements. So we tried to describe what makes each of these logistics companies unique, highlighting their offerings, so you can narrow your choices down at least a bit. Read the full reviews of each of the fulfillment service providers if you need more details. If you’d like to get an idea of the cost involved with any of these services, you can use our order fulfillment cost calculator to give you an estimate.

Fulfillment CompanyPricing InfoWhat's Unique about their service?Trustpilot Rating


-No pick and pack fees
-Flat rate receiving ($25)
-Free shipping software
-Free boxes and packing supplies
ShipBob is one of the top order fulfillment services that offer same-day delivery for orders placed in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago. On top of that, they provide 2-day shipping within the continental US. Integrates with all major ecommerce software and marketplaces to fulfill orders and for warehouse inventory. See ShipBob full review.


-Transparent shipping process
-Powerful warehouse management
ShipMonk is a popular fulfillment service in the US that helps clients simplify their business processes. It includes a 4-in-1 cloud-based software that comes tools for inventory, orders, shipping, and warehouse. See ShipMonk full review.

Rakuten Super Logistics

-Technology tools
-100% accuracy
Rakuten Super Logistics is an all-in-one fulfillment management system that provides an aggressive delivery service to online retailers. With its 12 fulfillment centers, it can seamlessly deliver in one business day to its clients. It caters to both local and international shipping. See RSL full review.


-250+ shipping solutions
-Platform integration
Easyship is a cloud-based shipping platform that helps merchants provide domestic and global shipping. From the start, users have complete control over their products and how they get to customers. See EasyShip full review.

Fulfillment by Amazon

-Multi-channel selling
-Shipping rates discount
Fulfillment by Amazon, also known as FBA, allows anyone to sell their items on the Amazon platform. It is most beneficial to those who sell small items (since fees are determined by item size and weight); those who sell via multi-channels; and those already selling at Amazon. See FBA full review.

FedEx Fulfillment

-Multi-platform integration
-Global customer base
FedEx Fulfillment is a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. and was launched early in 2017 to help small and medium-sized companies fulfill orders from multiple channels such as online marketplaces and websites. The service is an integrated supply chain system that boasts of an easy-to-use platform and FedEx’s established transportation networks


-Automated and optimized operation
-Data management
Shipwire has warehouses in the US, China, Europe, Australia, and Asia, with more storage facilities being built. The service employs an enterprise-grade warehouse management system to provide clients with safe and secure storage for their items while undertaking shipping and special handling procedures. See ShipWire full review.

Red Stag Fulfillment

Storage: $15 per pallet per month-Value-added features
-Service guarantees
No Reviews
Red Stag Fulfillment is a popular US-based ecommerce order fulfillment service provider that specializes in shipments over 5 pounds and offers a 100% guarantee for their 48-hour dock-to-stock time, order accuracy, order speed, and inventory accuracy. The service combines a cloud-based fulfillment platform with excellent operations to take care of your order fulfillment needs for fragile, high-value, and oversized goods. See Red Stag full review.


0 - 1,000 Orders / Month: Minimum cost per order - $2.49
1,001 - 3,000 Orders / Month: Minimum cost per order - $2.29
3,001 - 6,000 Orders / Month: Minimum cost per order - $2.09
-Extensive capabilities
-US nationwide coverage
No Reviews
Fulfillify is built on a robust mobile-responsive technology platform designed to help ecommerce companies provide customers with ordering, storage, and delivery services. According to the service provider, they ship on average, over 75 million items annually, delivering products to end users all over the globe

IDS Fulfillment

-Well established
-Integrated solutions
IDS Fulfillment (Integrated Distribution Services) provides order fulfillment, warehouse and distribution, and transportation services to get your products to your customers quickly and on time. It touts itself as a results-focused logistics company that has the flexibility, capability and proven processes to help businesses attain a competitive advantage


0 - 500 Orders / Month: Minimum cost per order - $2
501 - 1000 Orders / Month: Minimum cost per order - $1.80
Storage: Monthly minimum of $25
-State-of-the-art software
VelocityShip is a well-regarded fulfillment company that has developed its own advanced software suite designed to help businesses meet their day-to-day challenges such as managing their supply chain, inventory and order fulfillment


Stock storage flat rate of $35 per month for unlimited products-The promise
-Flat storage fee
Ships-a-lot is an order fulfillment company specifically targeted at growing ecommerce companies

basic services cost $10 per month
$500 nonrefundable deposit required before an account is set up
-Full operational control
-Automatic order grouping
Average is a worldwide fulfillment, storage and logistics company that helps businesses manage their time and resources when it comes to fulfilling customer orders

Fulfillment by Sears

-Expertise and experience
-Global shipment
Fulfilled By Sears (FBS) is the logistics arm of the US department store chain Sears. It has been selling and shipping its products and its merchant partners’ for decades and has made available to retailers that same reliable service. FBS is an end-to-end outsourced fulfillment service for retailers that includes warehousing, pick and pack, and shipping orders to customers

Xpert Fulfillment

-Transparent pricing
-Low fulfillment cost
No Reviews
Xpert Fulfillment provides third-party order fulfillment services including logistics and warehousing in the US and international markets. It handles inventory and order management through a pick/pack/ship model, which is built on web-based systems that make tracking and communication accessible in the cloud and in real-time


-Shipping options
-International fulfillment
No Reviews
eFulfillmentService was established in 2001 to provide a speedy order fulfillment service to clients around the globe. It utilizes the best technologies to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction. The service caters to all business types and sizes, providing end-to-end offerings to all kinds of ecommerce companies. See eFulfillment full review.


-Custom pricing
-Commodified service of shared fulfillment
Fulfillrite provides ecommerce companies with end-to-end order fulfillment services like kitting and assembly, return processing and inventory storage. It is ideal for growing small and medium businesses or large enterprises looking to streamline their order management processes. See Fulfillrite full review.


-Crowdfunding campaigns
-Global e-commerce fulfillment
Floship is one of the leading order fulfillment services for global ecommerce retailers and crowdfunding campaigns. The company is based in Hong Kong, the world’s largest hub for air-freight


-Connected system
-Scalable operation
Whiplash is a modern order fulfillment service that is built to scale and takes care of the fulfillment workload for your ecommerce and online selling business. It can manage day-to-day inventory and fulfillment as well as provide integration and technical support


-Calculate shipping rates in real-time
-Tons of advanced features
ShipStation is known for working well with Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento customers, and it has some wonderful packages that start at $25 per month. See ShipStation full review.


-Multi-channel integration
-Integrates with marketplaces and shopping carts
SprocketExpress positions itself as a scalable, cost-effective, accurate and friendly service. Their complete eCommerce fulfillment includes order fulfillment, warehousing, inventory control and extra on-demand back office services

Symphony Commerce

-Complete SaaS system
-Fulfillment orchestration software
Symphony Commerce is an eCommerce infrastructure with end-to-end advantages. The creators’ idea was to create a service that lets you open a storefront, content orders and inventory, fulfillment management and create a winning service from one platform


Estimated freight fees range from $6.55 to $21.98 per pound-Impressive Customer Service
-Cost and Value
FreightPros is one of the best freight broker companies and is especially suited for small businesses. Along with affordable prices, you also get excellent customer service, which is a great addition to any 3PL services

RedHawk Global

-Multiple Services
-Fees & Service Cost
No Reviews
RedHawk Global provides freight, warehousing, shipping, and distribution of goods of various small businesses across the US, Mexico, and Canada. It is the most-suitable order fulfillment service for freight distribution and is perfect for small businesses


-Real-time inventory updates
-Warehousing and inventory management
Shipfusion began when an e-commerce business built its own logistics platform to handle fulfillment and then decided to sell it as a service. The company considers its software one of its main strengths—especially for smaller vendors that are ceding control of their products to a third party for the first time

James and James Fulfilment

-Lots of advanced features for satisfied customers
-Reliable and easy to use software
James and James eCommerce fulfillment integrates with Amazon, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce shopping carts, allowing brands to reach new markets with real-time eCommerce fulfillment services


-Multi-channel inventory management
-No minimum order requirement
Shiphero helps eCommerce merchants source third-party logistic service providers in any country, as well as provides third-party services providers with optimized 3PL WMS systems


-In-house order fulfillment
-Retail, wholesale and FBA distribution
No Reviews
Boxzooka combines cloud-based warehouse management software (WMS) with quality fulfillment distribution centers to help US eCommerce sellers reach international markets. Based in New Jersey, Boxzooka offers warehousing, inventory management and pick-and-pack consumer goods from key global stations


-Order fulfillment
-B2B fulfillment
ShippingTree markets themselves to international brands wanting to streamline their US fulfillment processes. Their coast-to-coast warehouse network makes delivery to customers across the US more efficient

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