I Contacted 7 Different Order Fulfillment Companies to Get a Quote – This is What Happened

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It’s not easy to get cost quotes from order fulfillment companies. I recently attempted to get a quote from 7 different companies to store and ship luggage tags for me. These are packaged in small boxes, about 2x4x4 inches and weigh less than a pound. This is what happened.

I contacted Deliverr, Shipbob, efulfillmentservice, shipmonk, and others. Every single one of them, except one, sent me an email asking me to call them. The emails were all basically worded the same:

Good Afternoon,

My name is xxxxxx and I am a Fulfillment Consultant with xxxxxxxx. We would like to set up a quick 15-20 minute conversations with you to find out more about your fulfillment needs. Would you available for a call sometime this week?

Kindest Regards,


I’m following up on your request for pricing and would love to answer any questions you have about xxxxx.

Before I can pass your information along to our pricing team, I have a few questions that I need to ask in order to get started.

It’s usually best to set up a call to go through the few questions I have and answer your initial questions.

You can schedule a call on my calendar here: xxxxx –– or just hit ‘reply’ and let me know what date and time work best for you.

The one and only service (that I found) that lets you get a real price quote right on their site is Deliverr. Using their fulfillment cost calculator I determined the following:

Fulfillment Cost:
                   standard: $5.95
      Website (Shopify / BigCommerce) 2-Day   $8.25

Prices are all-inclusive and incorporate shipping

Storage Cost (monthly): $2.10 to store 100

The Pricing Transparency of Deliverr is Refreshing

There’s something about just being able to see what something costs right there online. I don’t want to fill out a giant form. I don’t want to schedule a time to talk. And I certainly don’t want to allow salespeople to work their salesy magic on me. Just tell me how much your service is please! And Deliverr does this. Are they the cheapest order fulfillment service? I don’t know. And chances are I never will know…

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