Why I Use Deliverr for My Shopify Store

I love the flexibility and responsibility that comes with running my own Shopify store. I get to do what I love and love the functionality of Shopify. I especially love that I have the choice of fulfillment services to help complete my orders.  

As online shopping becomes more and more the norm, finding a reliable, fast, and comprehensive fulfillment service is essential. When the pandemic hit, the need for me to compete with online retail giants like Amazon and Walmart became even more clear. After trying a couple of other services, I now use Deliverr for my Shopify store. Deliverr is a great choice for any Shopify owner looking for an affordable and dependable fulfillment service with tons of added benefits.

Deliverr is easy to use

I am not particularly tech saavy so when I decided to partner with Deliverr, I was a little intimidated about the integration process. The onboarding process could not have been simpler. With Deliverr’s simple drag and drop store builder, I was immediate able to start configuring my shop. There were so many themes to choose from – too many! – but once I decided, I was impressed with how customizable it was. My store looked exactly how I wanted, and I was able to do it with Deliverr’s easy to use interface.

Adding my products was a breeze. I was able to add multiple pictures and descriptions that looked professional and polished. By the end of my first week, my inventory had been stocked and I was ready to ship. But what I loved the most was getting my 2-day delivery badge. Not only does it help me attract more customers, but it also helps give me piece of mind knowing that with Deliverr, I can keep my two-day shipping promise.

Deliverr manages my inventory

Tracking my inventory is easy with Deliverr. I always know when it’s time to re-stock my inventory so I can keep my out-of-stock items to a minimum. Because Deliverr’s warehouses are all across the country, keeping my inventory stocked and fulfilling my orders on time is easy.

Deliverr also helps me organize my products. Since I have a wide variety of all-natural skin care products, I have them categorized by the type of product (lotions, cleansers, scrubs) as well as by season. There are plenty of options so while I like my current set-up, I may change some of these categories as my business continues to grow!

Deliverr offers valuable analytics and reporting tools

I love the analytics dashboard on Deliverr. I have everything I need in one place with intuitive graphs and statistics. I can see exactly how many sales I made, how many orders were completed and how much traffic I’m getting to my store.

Because I can track my most popular products, I can better understand what my clients want and how to better meet their needs. Before using Deliverr my sales were pretty slow and static but after starting with Deliverr, there was a noticeable jump in sales.

I’m not exactly sure if that jump is entirely attributed to the 2-day shipping badges or if I was because I was able to remove marketplace fees once I partnered with Deliverr. Deilverr also helped me set up Google Shopping ads which helped to drive more traffic to my shop, and more traffic definitely equals more sales.

Once I added Google Shopping ads, my website conversion rate increased by 20%. In just a couple of clicks, customers are directed directly into my Shopify store, see the 2-day delivery badge and pop my products in their cart.

Deliverr is committed to growing my business

It may sound minor, but with Deliverr, I don’t feel like I’m so alone in the stresses and worries affecting all business owners. With Deliverr, I feel like I have an invisible team supporting me at every step of the process.

Deliverr has helped me to understand the importance of marketing and promoting my business. I once might have seen investing in this area as sunken or uncertain costs,  but I now see the value and direct impact great marketing can have on my bottom line.

With Deliverr I can keep my own branding. My products are shipped in my own packaging which helps to grow in my brand recognition. My delivery badge is customized with my brand’s signature gold and purple colors. Deliverr helps me to optimize my store for SEO so I know customers can find my store and have a seamless and positive shopping experience.  

As a small business owner, I have a finite budget. Deliverr understands the financial constraints of new and smaller businesses and offers honest and transparent pricing. The pricing is fair, and I’m never hit with unexpected or hidden costs. With Deliverr, my ROI is always clear.   

Deliverr has excellent customer service

Deliverr’s support team is available whenever I need them. I have used their responsive chat box when I need help more immediately but have also submitted form requests for help. In both instances, my questions were answered thoroughly and in a timely manner.

My account manager, Rachel, not only walked me through the onboarding process, but she also helped talk me through my options for handling returns. Rachel took the time to understand my business needs and requirements before making her recommendations. Together we decided that having products returned directly to the warehouse made the most sense for me.

Deliverr’s help center and website are also quite robust so I often find there is an article that can answer my question. I even regularly browse their blog for super helpful resources about how I can better utilize all that Deliverr has to offer. They also have great customer reviews. Other store owners really seem to love their service.

I know you have a choice when it comes to fulfillment providers for your Shopify store, but I promise, you will not be disappointed with Deliverr. Any small business owner looking to compete with the online retail giants, will be impressed with Deliverr’s commitment to helping small businesses grow and operate as efficiently as possible.  

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  1. I never write reviews but using deliverr has been quite stressful for me. The staff is nice and it did connect very easily with Shopify. Of course after I signed up i noticed the large number of bad reviews written elsewhere. In my case it took over several weeks for them to correct an error in the weight of my products. after many support tickets it was finally straightened out. It seems clear to me that they do not have control over the warehouses.

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