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Toll Free: 855-961-7766

Fulfillrite is an order fulfillment company that places pride on their fast service and commitment to their customers.  If orders are received before 1 pm, they will be shipped the same day.  The platform Fulfillrite provides businesses owners makes tracking your orders and inventory an easy process.  They also provide the ability to customize pricing on a per-order basis.  They offer custom pricing depending on your specific needs and whether or not you want to pay per pallet or by the case.  There are no long term commitments or hidden fees.  They also provide warehousing where your products will be safe with the strictest of security in New Jersey.  The warehouse is located near three airports and marine terminals thus allowing this company to provide their customers with a quick turnaround time.

Fulfillrite has established relationships with major shipping carriers that allows them to provide more cost efficient options than you can probably get on your own. Sellers can choose which shipping company to use to ship their goods.  Orders are packed and shipped according to your specific specifications including customized labels and logos.  They have the ability to ship your orders worldwide.  Once you send your items to the fulfillment center, they will process your items within 1-3 days and then store them until your order is shipped.

Fulfillrite has order fulfillment software that integrates seamlessly with all major ecommerce platforms (all the major ones are supported).  Customers can log in to the fulfillment software to check and manage orders, returns, and track orders.  While some fulfillment companies provide customer service and return support for their customers, Fulfillrite does not provide this.  Their software makes it easy for customers to provide the proper customer service and return support themselves.  Dealing with returns and service can be a stressful endeavor, but this software takes away the stress and makes it easier.  Once an order is shipped back to the fulfillment center, the items will be inspected, processed and then re-inventoried.  Once all of that is completed your account inventory is updated.

While some other fulfillment companies provide videos and tutorials to help walk newcomers through the process, newcomers to Fulfillrite are provided with an account manager to help walk them through the start up process.  This account manager will get up to speed on your business specifics and you will never receive a new manager who is oblivious to the details of your account.  The account manager will be able to answer any questions regarding solutions to shipping problems.

What we like best about Fulfillrite:

  • Same day shipment
  • Easy to process and track orders
  • Personal account manager

How Hiring an Order Fulfillment Company Can Keep You Sane

Whether you are a new small business owner or not, dealing with shipping orders can be a stressful experience. Things may start off running smoothly but then all of a sudden your sales jump and you find yourself in over your head and unable to ship out all the orders in time. The last thing you want is to have to deal with disgruntled customers who didn’t receive their orders on time.

Something you might want to consider is sourcing out your order fulfillment to another company who specializes in it. It takes the stress off of you and guarantees that your customers will get their orders on time.

It’s very important for a small business, especially a new one to keep their shipping obligations. You want to be able to keep your promises to your customers to ensure they will always come back to you for future business. It’s not about making sure an item is shipped properly one time but every single time an order is placed. This type of consistency will make you a favorite among customers.

There are many services out there that can help to make your small business run smoothly when it comes to order fulfillment.

When it comes to any part of your business, don’t be afraid to shop around and find the best alternative to outsourcing that your business needs. Below are a few outsourcing options for you, they are great companies that will make your life much easier by ensuring that your customers are well taken care of.

Whether you have an online business or a storefront these services will benefit you greatly.


This company has been around for awhile so you know you are dealing with an established brand. Once you visit their website you will see clearly that their primary focus is on customer service and making sure the customer is happy. The integration between your company shopping cart and theirs is a free service for you. The best part is they allow you to have a 30-day test period where you can have items shipped and get a taste for their fulfillment control system. If you are dissatisfied in any way, eFulfillmentService offers a full money back guarantee. What more could you ask for in an order fulfillment company?


Shipwire is currently one of the newer companies on the block but no less professional about the services they provide for your customers. They also have a free trial so that you get a taste of doing business with them without the commitment. They have a very crystal clear pricing structure so that there are never any surprises. If you have an online store for your small business Shipwire allows you to integrate with their application interface. The benefit of this of course is it allows for a smooth experience for all of your customers.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon is of course a well known company, one that you can trust and feel comfortable doing business with. They know what it’s like to have to ship large quantities of products all over the world. You couldn’t get a better company to handle your order fulfillment. Their services range depending on the size of your business. One of the great benefits to using Amazon is you are within the Amazon sales network which means you could attract a lot more customers just by being a part of their online shipping directory. Many people are already familiar with Amazon and trust the company to ship their orders on time, every time.

There is a downside however and because you are part of the Amazon database, everything you sell through them is branded as Amazon which doesn’t exactly put your own business name in the minds of new customers. They do however have exceptionally low shipping fees so in the end it may be worth it to you to work with them. Everything is also backed up with quality guarantees so you have peace of mind that your customers will be happy.


Webgistix is a well known company that offers simple and traditional customer service. They have warehouses all over that allow for some seriously fast and most importantly affordable delivery options. Because the warehouses are strategically placed, orders get to customers much faster than if the warehouse was in just one location. They have a SmartFill technology that gives you real-time access to all your orders so you can see where they are in the system.

Regardless of the company you choose to go with, I believe that outsourcing order fulfillments is a great benefit to your small business.


shipmonk reviewsShipMonk is one of the most popular software-based fulfillment services for e-commerce, and it also offers a wider variety of services than many companies do. The company’s motto is “stress less, grow more,” and ShipMonk makes it possible to easily manage inventory shipping using any Internet connected device, from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Scalable to Your Needs

The company actually began as a package forwarding center, and with its established infrastructure and relationships it can offer international shipping at no extra cost, while also providing help with moving merchandise through customs and filling out the appropriate paperwork to ensure smoother deliveries without unwanted obstacles and delays. ShipMonk uses global shipping networks to reach more than two billion consumers around the world, and the software can manage a few shipments or thousands of orders – whatever you need. ShipMonk receives heavily discounted shipping rates with every major carrier and passes those special rates along to its customers.

Help with Importation/Market Penetration

Some retailers use ShipMonk to help with importation of goods, also, and ShipMonk will make sure that products comply with official import regulations. You don’t have to have a physical presence in the USA, either, since ShipMonk can provide importation, warehousing of your inventory, and inventory management, as well as shipping services. ShipMonk can be integrated with more than 50 different e-commerce marketplace platforms and shopping carts. But more than just a shipping company, ShipMonk offers services like product labeling, repackaging of products, and even the assembly or products – plus expert quality control and product testing. That can make it much easier to make inroads into a new global market while making sure that you also comply with guidelines for major platforms such as Amazon or eBay.

A Complete Vendor Solution

ShipMonk white label services include custom-printed boxes, promotional inserts, customized packing slip and labels, as well as custom-printed interior and exterior boxes. The company also offers additional services to support businesses, through its own exclusive network of partners in the e-commerce industry. That includes referrals to prescreened companies that can help with such things as Web development and shopping cart integration; full customer service support; and marketing and advertising campaigns. You can even get help through ShipMonk to print custom tee shirts, if you want, as well as other branded items.

Compliance Assistance

Another example of how ShipMonk provides greater access and flexibility for merchants is that ShipMonk is a fully accredited Food and Drug Administration (FDA)facility. Since it is licensed to store, ship, and process medical devices and other products that are strictly regulated by the FDA, using ShipMonk can allow e-commerce sellers to meet those rigid requirements without having to invest additional time and money to acquire their own licenses and FDA authorizations. ShipMonk is an off-the-shelf, turnkey solution for those who want to sell products that meet the guidelines of Groupon Goods, too, and it guarantees fulfillment services that are in full compliance with all Groupon guidelines.

Shipping Fulfillment Across Multiple Channels

Last minute ordering is never an issue, either, because all orders that are sent to ShipMonk by 4 p.m. get processed and shipped out on the very same day. Signing up for the service is very easy, and it is possible to begin shipping with ShipMonk as a new customer of theirs within 24 hours or less. Use ShipMonk to service one e-commerce business or dozens of them, while minimizing time and labor – assured that shipments can be processed in a timely, professional manner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can submit orders to ShipMonk by integrating the software into your shopping cart, e-commerce storefront, a CSV file that automatically downloads from your server on a daily basis, or by manually importing orders to your ShipMonk account.

Get a Free Quote

While the company doesn’t display a fixed menu of prices, it does have a simple form you can fill out online to get a free rate quote. The charges fall into four basic categories, which are 1) fees to pick out your inventory and pack it; 2) storage fees if those apply; 3) any special requests or custom projects and tasks; and 4) the cost of shipping – which is discounted considerably thanks to the industry clout of ShipMonk. You control the options, though, and can select the cheapest and simplest method or a more costly one that is totally customized and designed around your company’s unique needs and preferences.


shipstation reviews

ShipStation is one of the emerging leaders in integrated shipping task management for businesses to save time, money, and aggravation. ShipStation operates as a web-based software utility that was specifically designed to assist e-commerce retailers with processing, fulfilling, and promptly shipping orders promptly and reliably to customers. ShipStation also take a rather client-centered approach, which translates into some really user-friendly policies and features.

Ease and Mobility

ShipStation offers users a convenient mobile app that integrates function such as managing, shipping, tracking and more – and it’s both Apple and Android compatible. You can handle all of your shipment tasks from a smart phone or tablet, for example, relieving you of many of the hands-on steps and helping free you up from being tethered to your office or computer. You can stay on top of all your orders and shipments no matter where you are, 24/7, and ShipStation imports all of your orders from as many sales channels as you have. There is no extra free for connecting multiple selling channels, either, so entrepreneurs and e-business managers can grow and expand without having to worrying about prohibitive surcharges.

More Affordable Shipping

You can also mix and match shippers, using virtually any major carriers including the U.S. postal service, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and OnTrac. Businesses that already enjoy attractive discounts from shippers can continue to use those rates, if they prefer. But all ShipStation clients get a free USPS postage account that provides access to deeply discounted rates negotiated by ShipStation. Meanwhile, if your retail customer selects a specific shipping method, ShipStation will import that information so that a customer profile can be saved and shipment preferences by particular methods and through certain carriers can be coordinated automatically. You can also ship your packages along with a return shipping label included, to facilitate your merchandise return policy.

White Label Marketing

Retailers who want to preserve their brand identity have the option to do so, too, because ShipStation offers transparency or so-called white label services that let you add your own logo and brand to your shipping labels and packing slips. You can even customize your confirmation emails so that your customers feel that they are communicating directly with you, versus with a third party shipping service.

Five Basic Payment Plans

To open an account and get started, just register and download the ShipStation app. There are five different payment plans to choose from, as outlined below:


  • $25 per month and up to 500 shipments a month.
  • You can connect unlimited stores.
  • Standard labels and packing slips are included.
  • Support is provided via email and community forums.


  • $45 per month for up to 1,500 shipments a month
  • Unlimited stores and two different account users.
  • Customized packing slips and branded labels.
  • Live Chat, email, and community forum support.


  • $65 per month with up to 3,000 shipments a month.
  • Unlimited stores and three account users.
  • Customized packing slips and branded labels.
  • Live Chat, email, and community forum support.


  • $95 a month and up to 6,000 shipments a month.
  • Unlimited stores and five account users.
  • Customized packing slips and branded labels.
  • Live Chat, email, and community forum support.


  • $145 a month with unlimited shipments.
  • Unlimited stores and 10 account users.
  • Customized packing slips and branded labels.
  • Live Chat, email, and community forum support.

Flexible Options and a Free Trial Offer

But you don’t have to get locked into just one plan, because you can switch plans whenever you like. If your shipping volume increases during the holiday shopping season, for instance, and you want to ship more than your current plan allows, you can upgrade. Then later, if the volume subsides, you can always go back to your old plan that offers fewer shipments each month. ShipStation can be integrated with literally dozens of shipping carriers, marketplace platforms (like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon, for example), and shopping carts, and there is nothing to install. All you need is Internet access to take advantage of all the ShipStation features, and you can try it for 30 days free of charge before opting-in and selected a plan. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, ShipStation offers a full refund within the first 90 days, no questions asked.

Amazon Fulfillment Review

amazon fulfillment reviewAs Amazon are basically sticking their finger into every online pie that can generate them some cash, it is unsurprising to note that they are getting in on the book selling act. Fulfillment is their latest literary venture and involves sending books to Amazon who will then sell them for you. With thousands of people all over the world in possession of dozens, if not hundreds of books they no longer need or want, this appears to be a win-win situation. It may also be an avenue for prospective writers who either failed in their attempts to get signed by a publishing house or could not be bothered to go through the long drawn out process which getting signed entails.

What Does Amazon Fulfillment Do?
They store your merchandise in their warehouse until a customer purchases the book. At this point, Amazon sends the book to the customer on your behalf. Amazon also deals with complaints/issues brought up by the customer. All you are required to do is go through Amazon’s FBA process which helps them set things up quickly. Once books become cluttered up in your garage, they become very hard to get rid of for any price with a profit almost impossible.

Once you sign up for Fulfillment, you are automatically qualified for Amazon Prime. This is a program that enables consumers to save on shipping. For example, 1-day shipping costs just $3.99 with 2-day shipping available for free. Another Amazon incentive includes free shipping for any order that is worth more than $25.

One of the big bonuses of Fulfillment is the possibility of having your listing on one of the first pages of Amazon. This is possible because of the propensity of Amazon to rank listings based on their cost. The lowest cost is 1 cent with a $3.99 shipping fee. With Fulfillment, you can charge $4 with free shipping. The customer still pays only $4 for the book and your listing ranks high on the list because it is seen as $4 while those who are not part of Fulfillment will have their listings seen as 1 cent offerings despite the shipping charge.

One disadvantage of Amazon Fulfillment is that you need to be a registered Pro Merchant account holder or an Advantage member. Pro Merchant sets you back $39.95 a year while Advantage costs $10 less per annum. Advantage account holders are limited in what they can sell and will only have orders on the Amazon website fulfilled.

This appears to be an excellent way selling books for those who appear to have no other outlet. Having Amazon store the books, sell them and deal with any customer issues is as much as you could possibly expect from their end. Also, their fulfillment service allows far greater exposure for your books. The one downside is that you have to pay up to $40 for a Pro Merchant account to get the best from this offer. However, for those with a horde of books to sell, this is a price well worth paying. With the power of Amazon behind you, any books you want sold will eventually find their way into the hands of customers.

From Another FBA Reviewer…

Amazon is known as the premier marketplaces to order things online from.  Amazon provides consumers with a wide variety of products, but they also offer business services that you may b=not be aware of. One such service is order fulfillment, whereby Amazon handles the process of picking, packing, and shipping products that sell from businesses. This service, called Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), allows sellers to send the products to an Amazon fulfillment center and they will package and ship out your inventory.  Sellers are eligible to list their products with free shipping and be listed on Amazon as an Amazon Prime product.  With this designation the product will be listed above other products in the same category and thus are more likely to be purchased by customers.  Amazon will provide their winning customer service and return services as well as gift wrapping and one day shipping.  Buyers will also be able to combine seller products with general Amazon orders.

Amazon will store your product in their fulfillment centers, they also record the dimensions need for such storage and allows the seller to use Amazon’s tracking system to monitor their inventory.  If you are already a seller with Amazon, it is simple to set up a fulfillment account with them.  There are multiple fees depending on what the product is and how they are fulfilled (through Amazon or other multi-channels like your own site).  There is the ability to preview the fees to try and estimate your costs associated with order fulfillments, but with anything that is estimated this will change depending on circumstances.  The fee amounts vary from less than a dollar to almost three dollars.  The fee system is easy to understand and figure out where the fees are coming; there are no surprises in the amount you pay as you might find with other services.

Fulfillment By Amazon also has resources and tutorials available to sellers to utilize such as a quick start guide, and a user manual so they can make the most out of Amazon’s fulfillment services.  There is also a newsletter sellers can take advantage of that provides the latest news and updates to the service and things Amazon has to offer.  The videos that are available make it easy to comprehend how Fulfillment By Amazon works and the benefits it has to offer.  It is easy to navigate through the resources to find the exact thing you need for assistance.

Because Amazon handles the shipping and customer service, they handle all the crisis’s and problems that can arise during the shipping process.  The services provided by Amazon’s fulfillment centers allow business to limit their work time and help them monitor their inventories from the comfort of their homes or offices rather than having a warehouse to visit.  Because the fees of Fulfillment By Amazon are low cost, Amazon saves business money therefore business can pass those savings down to their customers.  As Amazon handles all the customer service inquiries, it alleviates the stress and frustration small business may feel from trying to handle these issues.  Amazon fulfillment helps business do what they do best, selling their products.

Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software has been around since the 1970’s, and it would be an understatement to say that it has become quite advanced.  It started out running on giant mainframe computers and has evolved into a comprehensive program that can handle nearly every task associated with fleet management from general tracking and inventory to boosting fuel efficiency and locating the closest available drivers.  There are a number of different high quality fleet management software options on the market, so it is important to make sure that you choose the one that best fits your needs.  Here is a closer look at some of the variables that you need to consider.  In general, everything will fall under two categories: how the software operates and what it can help you achieve.

How Your Fleet Management Software Operates

There are several key points to focus on in terms of how the software operates.  The first thing that is vital is overall reliability.  It doesn’t matter how much the software can do if it can’t do it on a consistent basis.  The next thing to look into is how scalable it is.  There are a lot of options which are designed for a specific size of fleets.  While this can be beneficial in the short term, once you either expand or contract your fleet, you could find out that the software no longer operates efficiently.  This makes scalability an important issue to address.  Finally, it needs to be as comprehensive as possible.  There are two ways that this can be approached.  The first is to choose software that takes care of everything internally, without other programs.  The second option is to choose software that not only operates independently, but can also integrate with other software that you use such as Excel for report printouts.

What Can Fleet Management Software Help You Achieve

Once you know which software will operate the way that you want it to, the next step is to decide which one will help you achieve the most.  Some of the most important things to consider is how it will help you manage fleet costs, maximize the utilization of your fleet, and how efficiently it automates data processing.  In many cases, how the data is handled is going to be the primary determinant of the overall usability of the software.  You should pay special attention to how it handles data in a variety of different situations.  Some of the most important areas in which data needs to be processed and organized includes compliance management, operator management, maintenance management, and financial management.

It is really easy to get bogged down in details when deciding which fleet management software is the right fit for your needs.  While these details are definitely important, it is important that you assign a value to them so that you can effectively compare different options.  In most cases, you can weigh each detail affects overall operation or how it will help you achieve a certain goal (or set of goals).  This will allow you to compare multiple options accurately and ensure that you choose the right one for where you company is now and where it is heading.

How Much do Fulfillment Services Cost?

If you have been looking into different fulfillment services, then one of the first questions you are asking is how much do fulfillment services cost.  The problem is that there isn’t any easy answer to this question.  This is because the actual services provided can vary widely.  So the only thing you can do is identify what services you need and then start a comparison from there.  Here is a closer look at some of categories that the most popular services fall into.

The first type of service uses a blanket term known as general services.  These services the basics that every fulfillment service will provide.  Things like shopping cart integration, access to the order fulfillment system, inventory security, etc.  In most cases, these services will be set up for free and will require a minimal monthly fee.  Normally it will range somewhere between $20 and $50.  Although if you need a lot of storage space, then it can get more expensive.

The next group of services are often referred to as pick and pack or the fulfillment fee.  This group of services cover the actual product fulfillment.  In most cases, this is where you will see the highest variance in how much fulfillment services cost.  For example, some services will only have a 24 order fulfillment service, whereas others may offer less expensive solutions such as 3 day or 5 day order fulfillment.  The packing supplies which are used can also play a big role in the end costs.  Other things that may impact the cost of these types of services include CSV file uploads, packing list customization, and how orders and order confirmations are handled.

The most obvious factor that will affect fulfillment service costs is the shipping.  Nearly every fulfillment service will offer discounts on shipping based upon the volume that you do.  In most cases, you will need to ship out more than 1000+ units on a monthly basis in order to qualify for the initial discount.  There will normally be additional benchmarks that will offer further savings.  With some fulfillment services, you will have the option to choose different shipping options which can cut down on the cost, but others will only offer a single option.

The final area that will determine the final fulfillment services cost is additional services.  These can vary greatly from one service to the next.  This can include a range of things such as how returns are handled, on-premises assembly, product photography, and even additional integration projects.  Along with paying attention to how much these additional services are, you should also find out if a particular additional service for one company is a standard service of another.

By focusing on these 4 areas, it should be much easier to compare how much fulfillment services cost.  Along with finding out your monthly total, it will also give you a good idea which of these services will be the most cost effective option in the long run as well.  Ideally, you are going to expand, which means that you may end up needing to switch services at some point.  If you plan ahead, there is a much greater chance that you could avoid the time and money requirement to change from one fulfillment service to another.

Benefits of Using Fulfillment Services for Your Business

If you are finding that your business life is being taken up more and more with the actual fulfillment of your products, you may find that it is time to consider using a fulfillment service. Fulfillment services will complete all aspects of the fulfillment process for you and leave your customers with the products they buy from you in a timely manner. More happy customers will usually equal more orders, so it pays to ensure lots of happy customers.

Using a fulfillment service to help you facilitate your orders is certainly to your advantage as far as customer satisfaction goes, but there are many other benefits that come with fulfillment service as well. Some of the many advantages you can enjoy with a fulfillment service working for you include:

•    Saved Time: Because a fulfillment service will handle everything with your business’ fulfillment you will save a significant amount of time. Think about it, you will no longer have to pick an item, pack an item, or ship an item. With a fulfillment service on your side, once an item is sold, it is out of your life for good leaving you with plenty of time to spare.
•    Saved Space: Most fulfillment services have huge warehouses where you can have your goods shipped to directly. That means that you don’t have to store any inventories yourself. This will save you tremendous amount of space and may even allow you to move your business operation to a smaller location.
•    Saved Money: Fulfillment services can save you money in a couple of different ways. As mentioned, they will eliminate the need for you to store your own inventory which will mean your overhead will greatly be reduced. Additionally, because they will do so much business with all the major shipping companies, they will likely receive a substantial shipping discount, which will usually be passed on to you.
•    Save Business Opportunity: If you are spread too thin with you business then you will likely be letting potential business opportunities pass you by. When you have all of your fulfillment needs taken care of for you, you will be amazed at the amount of time you gain, time that can be used to mine for additional business.
•    Saved Sanity: Fulfillment services deal with everything for you so you don’t have to worry. They handle packing, shipping, inventory, returns, and the like. If it has to do with your product’s fulfillment, then it is handles for you saving you a lot of aggravation and possibly your sanity.

At the end of the day, your customers need to get what they pay for. So, you can either continue to work yourself to the bone and hope that everything will be alright, or you can call a fulfillment service and save yourself so much. With everything handled for you in a timely and efficient manner, you will be free to build your business to even greater heights and have a full roster of pleased customers to show for your efforts.

Protecting Your Business Data

It’s hard to think of a business these days that does not rely on computers, which means that virtually every computer will have business data on it that needs to be protected. In many cases, you may have a computer at work that contains important business data files and one at home that contains many files of business data as well.

What would you ever do if anything happened to all of that important data? In many cases, losing your business data can cost you money. It may be lost money as you lose a client, or it may be that you lose your job because you failed to keep certain files safe. Whatever the lost money scenario, it is never a good thing when you lose money in any form.

Fortunately there is an easy solution to keeping your business data safe and protected at all times; backing it up. This can be done manually, but don’t forget that if you backup your files manually, that you have to remember to do so on a regular basis. That will still leave you vulnerable in between backup dates.

Additionally, if something were ever to happen to the building where your computer and your backup files resided, such as a fire or a flood, you would simply be in a world of hurt. An easier solution does exist though and it is one where you don’t have to do much in order to ensure your business data is protected.

Online backup is quickly gaining momentum among business owners who want to keep their business data safe form the unknown. With online backup, you only have to download software to your computer once and then set up an initial backup. Once that is complete, you will not have to worry about backup ever again.

Most online backup companies have programs that run in the background of your computer. In other words, if your computer is on, its files and important data are being backed up. Best of all, there is never anything for you to remember to do as it is all automatic.

As far a security goes, all the files that are backed up are either encrypted or double encrypted making the data as safe as can be. If someone were to access your business data illegally, all they would get is a bunch of scrambled up letters and numbers which would do them no good whatsoever.

In the event that something does happen to your computer, taking your important business data with it, your data can be easily resorted in a matter of minutes. All you need is another computer that is connected online and your data can be restored quickly with just a few mouse clicks.

Your business is important and your business data is just as important. Without your business data being safeguarded, you are leaving yourself and your livelihood exposed to the unknown. Life is too uncertain to leave to chance. Protect your business data once and for all with minimal effort using online backup.


dematic software reviews

The PickDirector system from Dematic takes order information directly from your company’s computer system and delivers it right to where it’s needed — to the picker. With no paperwork to carry, operators pick with both hands instead of just one. Tasks such as reading, writing, and searching for stock locations are eliminated — dramatically improving productivity.