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6650 Spencer Street
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Their service features include several distribution centers (Allentown, PA / Chicago, IL / Las Vegas, NV / Los Angeles, CA), free receiving, 1-business day or same day fulfillment turnaround, pick and pack, branded packing slips, returns processing, international shipping and paperless RF-controlled receiving.

The 3LINX Unified Commerce platform brings together three typically separate services under one relationship:

(1) Web Design & eCommerce services power by Magento eCommerce Platform

(2) Order Fulfillment Services and Third Party Logistics (B2C Pick & Pack and B2B Retail EDI Shipments)

(3) Contact Center. One firm and one Project Manager to deliver the complete solution that works.

Their committed staff, robust technical platform and geographic footprint can help you to outshine your competition. Learn more at http://www.3linx.com

1 thought on “3Linx”

  1. Stay away from 3linx fulfillment, stay far way.
    -Over billing on invoices
    -Created new charges monthly
    -Threatened to not send orders
    -Customer service insulted me
    -Do not answer phone calls and emails purposely
    -Contract out with other fulfillment companies and act like a middle man with their software, there by charging you like a middleman would
    -Do not follow directions for special requirements/ shipments
    -Do not credit invoices for their admitted mistakes
    -The software has many holes and they are always trying to fix it
    -They lied about being integrated with my shopping carts
    -The list goes on and on….

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