Shipwire – Global Fulfillment for Larger Companies

Send your product to Shipwire and they’ll take care of storage, packing and shipping. Utilizing multiple warehouses across the globe, you can offer all your customers 1-2 day delivery times at the price of regular Ground service. Eliminate customs fees, delays and hassles for orders to Canada and the UK.

Shipwire has warehouses all over the world, so if your business is international in nature, they may be a great for as an order fulfillment partner. In the United States, Shipwire has warehouse space in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Nevada. In Canada, the fulfillment company has warehouse space in Toronto and Vancouver. Additionally, they also have some warehouse space in the United Kingdom. That means that no matter where you reside on the globe, they can work with you in order to help the fulfillment side of your business. The Shipwire process is quite simple and works like this:

•    Items Stored: The first step in working with Shipwire is to have your items sent to them where they will store them for you in their huge warehouse.
•    Items Sold: You then use your existing website to sell items as you normally would and the orders will flow seamlessly to Shipwire.
•    Items are Packed and Shipped: Shipwire then handles the packaging and shipping of your products and the customer is none the wiser.

Shipwire has three different plans in order to help you with your fulfillment needs and the lowest priced plan starts at just under $30 a month. Depending on how much you sell and ship and how much space you need to store your items, you may find it necessary to go with one of their higher priced plans, but the choice in the end is yours. Also you should be aware that Shipwire has a minimum order volume of 5000 per month. So they are definitely not a good fit for small startup company fulfillment.

One plus with Shipwire is that they will also custom tailor a package for your specific needs. So in theory, no matter how big or small your company is Shipwire is capable of handling your fulfillment needs.

If you check into Shipwire and are still on the fence about whether or not to use them for your fulfillment needs you can take advantage of a free trial offer that they give to new customers. This will give you the opportunity to work with Shipwire and have them store, pack, and ship up to six items for you. This in turn will give you a better feel for the company and at the end of the trial you should be better able to determine if Shipwire is the direction you want to go as far as fulfillment is concerned.

Learn more about Shipwire and start a free, 30 day no obligation trial.

4 thoughts on “Shipwire – Global Fulfillment for Larger Companies”

  1. I’ve been using shipwire for several months to manage my shipping and handling. It’s really easy to outsource shipping and there’s no startup, receiving, storage or packaging fees. It’s refreshing to deal with a company that doesn’t have any contracts, commitments or hidden fees. Shipwire has been great to deal with so far. Definitely recommended.

  2. Shipwire appears to be a great company – only found out after deciding to use their services that they would require a hefty deposit.

  3. Shipwire is worth a close look if fulfillment is slowing down the growth of your business. These guys are true pros that will handle your products the way you would yourself. One thing I wish Shipwire had was a warehouse in Asia to manage import and export to India and China.

  4. I was asked to write a review of shipwire and I had no hesitation. I’ve been using their packing/shipping service for a year now and love it. Sure it costs but the time/hassle/frustration of storing items, picking items, packing items, shipping items, handling returns that it saves it REALLY worth it. I like that they offer tons of shipping options. I can send them individual products and they’ll combine them when a customer orders. Overall, its a great service for nearly any small business that is in the process of growing.

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