Chances Are Deliverr Will Be Your Next Order Fulfillment Service – Here’s Why

Once you decide to run with a business idea, a critical decision that needs to be made is which order fulfillment service has the best features for your needs. Order fulfillment services are third-party companies that can help you streamline and simplify the hassle of receiving, processing, and delivering consumers’ requests as quickly as possible.

If business is booming, you may understandably not be able to keep up with the picking, packing, and shipping of each product you sell. Online shopping is happening now more than ever before, and utilizing a reliable order fulfillment service could be the key to maintaining your success as a business owner and entrepreneur. There are numerous options out there to choose from when selecting a fulfillment service, but one of the simplest and most affordable is Deliverr.

Deliverr was established in the Fall of 2017 and has gone from solely fulfilling orders for specialized razors to now offering 2-day deliveries of all kinds of products in competition with huge retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Deliverr’s goal is to delight your buyers with fast, reliable, predictable, and affordable order fulfillment. 

Deliverr Shipping Speed

Consumers these days don’t appreciate extra fees for faster deliveries, so Deliverr strives to expedite the process while keeping the price low. The company rents out warehouses across the U.S. and makes sure each one is stocked with enough products to meet consumers’ demands. In fact, the warehouses are scattered around the country so that 95% of consumers qualify for two-day shipping. Algorithms are used to calculate the demand for specific items based on sales data and products are subsequently placed in the high-demand warehouses. This means that sellers no longer have to struggle to figure out (or just guess) where their inventory should go. Deliverr simplifies the order fulfillment process much more than some of the other services on the market and wants you to be successful as a business owner.

The concept of “two-day delivery” has consumed e-shoppers’ minds lately, and the founders of Deliverr recognize the importance of getting fulfillments done on time. Deliverr prides itself on the reliability of its services and provides five dollars of credit to any customers who don’t receive their items on time. Users are given a delivery badge that they can customize so that customers know what they are getting. Users can also designate their stuff as “fast and free,” which is an important filter that consumers can choose from on sales channels such as eBay.

Software Integrations

Creating an account with Deliverr is 100% free. After signing up, users are able to connect their sales channels and then let Deliverr work its magic to determine which specific warehouses products need to be sent to. Once the warehouses receive the products, the service will pick the products, pack them, and ship them to the buyers. 

Deliverr can integrate sales channels including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Google, BigCommerce, Shopify, Wish, Zentail, and more. New integrations and plug-ins are expected to become available in the future. 

Deliverr Pricing

Many fulfillment services have vague pricing structures, but Deliverr is different in that pricing is affordable and transparent. Fulfillment and storage are the only two components of Deliverr’s fees. The fulfillment fees include all of the little things that other fulfillment services would charge you separately for including picking, packaging, and shipping.

Fulfillment charges apply to each single unit and take into consideration the dimensions, the weight, and the level of fragility and service required. Fulfillment starts at $3.99 per unit and you are given an accurate quote immediately after inputting the specifications. The fulfillment speeds available include standard delivery (5 to 7 day), three-day delivery, and two-day delivery. Deliverr’s fulfillment charges typically match or beat competitors’ charges and each warehouse is capable of fulfilling 2000 orders per day.

Storage space starts at $0.72 per cubic feet per month and applies to each unit that is stored in a warehouse. Deliverr also offers long-term and seasonal storage options. Certain months are more expensive due to demand, but the pricing is simplified and not complex with caveats like other services’ pricing structures might be. Deliverr’s calculator also provides upfront, reliable quotes on storage costs, and all of the warehouses have at least 15,000 square feet of storage space available.

When using Deliverr’s pricing calculator, it also shows you how much you would pay for the service through a competitor, which provides users with proof that Deliverr is as cost friendly as other services or even less pricey. Many users say that shipping in larger quantities with Deliverr is more cost-effective and reliable than small shipments, but it is recommended users do thorough comparisons and research.

Customization Options

Businesses looking for fancy personalized branding and other eccentric touches to their deliveries normally look for a different service whereas businesses who need basic, reliable deliveries can benefit greatly from using Deliverr. Customization is in its early stages with Deliverr and the service also does not offer a method of including promotional items along with the products purchased. However, Deliverr maintains that its basic, neutral packaging is a reason the service is able to keep its pricing competitive and oftentimes lower than other companies.

The company is still small and does not fulfill international orders, but the nationwide presence makes shipping within the U.S. much easier. That said, the growing company has offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and Toronto, so international shipments could eventually be offered. Deliverr currently only manages direct-to-consumer transactions and does not have a feature designated to wholesale fulfillment. Deliverr does not insure products, but this is outlined clearly in the terms of service. The service also does not process returns, and if a customer does return an item to the fulfillment center, it gets disposed of and not put back into the seller’s inventory.

Deliverr Support

If problems or questions arise, Deliverr has a dedicated support team that can be contacted via the help center, a contact request, or a live chat box online. The FAQs are very detailed and cover advice all the way from how to get started to how to process billing and maintain inbound shipments. Users are given an individual account executive to help them get started and figure out the process. After the first order is fulfilled, users are transferred to a designated customer success manager who will be the point of contact from then on. 

If you are looking for a different fulfillment service for your small business or are new to fulfillment services and feel a little nervous about it, it is more than worth it to sign up for Deliverr and get an idea of how much using the service would cost you. Once you sign up, import your inventory and connect your sales channels and you will receive an itemized breakdown of expected prices in just a few minutes so that you can get fulfilling and shipping with Deliverr within a couple of weeks.

3 thoughts on “Chances Are Deliverr Will Be Your Next Order Fulfillment Service – Here’s Why”

  1. Since I started using Deliverr my store shipping costs have gone down noticeably. Customers really love the 2 day delivery! I was skeptical of Deliverr at first – sounded too good to be true – but it’s really worked out nicely so far! Definitely recommend!

  2. I just finished the setup process with Deliverr and my experience has been very positive so far. Their whole system feels quite modern and efficient. And my account rep Brian has been great in walking me through each step. Feels like I’m off to a really good start.

  3. I’m new to outsourced fulfillment and new to deliverr. But after checking out their reviews I figured I’d give them a shot. Now my store is fulfilling all online orders through Deliverr. Without a doubt, their customer service, interface, and rates have been great. They have made a few great suggestions for streamlining our shipping process and maximize our fulfillment performance across all channels. It’s been a seamless experience. So far the overall experience has been amazing – definitely recommend.

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