Why We Love Fulfillrite and You Will Too

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825 Towbin Ave
Lakewood, NJ 08701
Toll Free: 855-961-7766

Fulfillrite is an order fulfillment company that places pride on their fast service and commitment to their customers.  If orders are received before 1 pm, they will be shipped the same day.  The platform Fulfillrite provides businesses owners makes tracking your orders and inventory an easy process.  They also provide the ability to customize pricing on a per-order basis.  They offer custom pricing depending on your specific needs and whether or not you want to pay per pallet or by the case.  There are no long term commitments or hidden fees.  They also provide warehousing where your products will be safe with the strictest of security in New Jersey.  The warehouse is located near three airports and marine terminals thus allowing this company to provide their customers with a quick turnaround time.

Fulfillrite has established relationships with major shipping carriers that allows them to provide more cost efficient options than you can probably get on your own. Sellers can choose which shipping company to use to ship their goods.  Orders are packed and shipped according to your specific specifications including customized labels and logos.  They have the ability to ship your orders worldwide.  Once you send your items to the fulfillment center, they will process your items within 1-3 days and then store them until your order is shipped.

Fulfillrite has order fulfillment software that integrates seamlessly with all major ecommerce platforms (all the major ones are supported).  Customers can log in to the fulfillment software to check and manage orders, returns, and track orders.  Their software makes it easy for customers to provide the proper customer service and return support themselves.  Dealing with returns and service can be a stressful endeavor, but this software takes away the stress and makes it easier.  Once an order is shipped back to the fulfillment center, the items will be inspected, processed and then re-inventoried.  Once all of that is completed your account inventory is updated.

While some other fulfillment companies provide videos and tutorials to help walk newcomers through the process, newcomers to Fulfillrite are provided with an account manager to help walk them through the start up process.  This account manager will get up to speed on your business specifics and you will never receive a new manager who is oblivious to the details of your account.  The account manager will be able to answer any questions regarding solutions to shipping problems.

What we like best about Fulfillrite:

  • Same day shipment
  • Easy to process and track orders
  • Personal account manager

What You Never Pay For with Fulfillrite:

  • Receiving fees for inbound inventory
  • Address verification service
  • Integrations with shopping carts, shipping software, and crowdfunding software
  • Online customer dashboard
  • Inventory management and shipping software solutions
  • Personal, dedicated customer support
  • Account set-up
  • Shipping calculator

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  1. We were quite uncertain about switching to Fulfillrite, but have been very happy. Their customer service team has been very attentive to our needs and we know we have a great partner for the future.

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