ShipMonk Fulfillment for Ecommerce

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ShipMonk is one of the most popular software-based fulfillment services for e-commerce, and it also offers a wider variety of services than many companies do. The company’s motto is “stress less, grow more,” and ShipMonk makes it possible to easily manage inventory shipping using any Internet connected device, from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Scalable to Your Needs

The company actually began as a package forwarding center, and with its established infrastructure and relationships it can offer international shipping at no extra cost, while also providing help with moving merchandise through customs and filling out the appropriate paperwork to ensure smoother deliveries without unwanted obstacles and delays. ShipMonk uses global shipping networks to reach more than two billion consumers around the world, and the software can manage a few shipments or thousands of orders – whatever you need. ShipMonk receives heavily discounted shipping rates with every major carrier and passes those special rates along to its customers.

Help with Importation/Market Penetration

Some retailers use ShipMonk to help with importation of goods, also, and ShipMonk will make sure that products comply with official import regulations. You don’t have to have a physical presence in the USA, either, since ShipMonk can provide importation, warehousing of your inventory, and inventory management, as well as shipping services. ShipMonk can be integrated with more than 50 different e-commerce marketplace platforms and shopping carts. But more than just a shipping company, ShipMonk offers services like product labeling, repackaging of products, and even the assembly or products – plus expert quality control and product testing. That can make it much easier to make inroads into a new global market while making sure that you also comply with guidelines for major platforms such as Amazon or eBay.

A Complete Vendor Solution

ShipMonk white label services include custom-printed boxes, promotional inserts, customized packing slip and labels, as well as custom-printed interior and exterior boxes. The company also offers additional services to support businesses, through its own exclusive network of partners in the e-commerce industry. That includes referrals to prescreened companies that can help with such things as Web development and shopping cart integration; full customer service support; and marketing and advertising campaigns. You can even get help through ShipMonk to print custom tee shirts, if you want, as well as other branded items.

Compliance Assistance

Another example of how ShipMonk provides greater access and flexibility for merchants is that ShipMonk is a fully accredited Food and Drug Administration (FDA)facility. Since it is licensed to store, ship, and process medical devices and other products that are strictly regulated by the FDA, using ShipMonk can allow e-commerce sellers to meet those rigid requirements without having to invest additional time and money to acquire their own licenses and FDA authorizations. ShipMonk is an off-the-shelf, turnkey solution for those who want to sell products that meet the guidelines of Groupon Goods, too, and it guarantees fulfillment services that are in full compliance with all Groupon guidelines.

Shipping Fulfillment Across Multiple Channels

Last minute ordering is never an issue, either, because all orders that are sent to ShipMonk by 4 p.m. get processed and shipped out on the very same day. Signing up for the service is very easy, and it is possible to begin shipping with ShipMonk as a new customer of theirs within 24 hours or less. Use ShipMonk to service one e-commerce business or dozens of them, while minimizing time and labor – assured that shipments can be processed in a timely, professional manner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can submit orders to ShipMonk by integrating the software into your shopping cart, e-commerce storefront, a CSV file that automatically downloads from your server on a daily basis, or by manually importing orders to your ShipMonk account.

Get a Free Quote

While the company doesn’t display a fixed menu of prices, it does have a simple form you can fill out online to get a free rate quote. The charges fall into four basic categories, which are 1) fees to pick out your inventory and pack it; 2) storage fees if those apply; 3) any special requests or custom projects and tasks; and 4) the cost of shipping – which is discounted considerably thanks to the industry clout of ShipMonk. You control the options, though, and can select the cheapest and simplest method or a more costly one that is totally customized and designed around your company’s unique needs and preferences.

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