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2677 W Cheyenne Ave
Las Vegas  NV 89032

1401 Poplar Ln
Nashville, TN 37210


ShipMyOrders has service centers located in Nashville, TN and Las Vegas, NV, so sellers need to determine which center will best meet their needs and send their products there.  The fulfillment centers will then warehouse the products until the seller notifies them that an order has been made, and then the center will fulfill that order. does provide the packaging.  They will try to use free packaging, but if they need to purchase any special boxes or other shipment material then the seller will be charged for that as well.  The company provides month to month services rather than a long term contract.

The fulfillment fees range depending on the volume, size, or special handling needs. They charge for both monthly storage as well as fulfilling orders on a weekly basis, there are no minimum requirements for orders each week.  One good thing is that each time you are billed; you will receive an itemized report showing exactly where the fees are coming from.  Having a report like that helps in learning what options are best and highlights areas where businesses can save money.  There is a possibility that orders/products will be rejected based on safety, legality and a few other factors.

To fulfill an order, sellers need to submit order and customer information to ShipMyOrders.  There is not a way to set up email notifications through your site so that upon completion of an order the company is notified automatically.  You the seller has to provide a list of orders on a daily or semi-daily basis to them. Once an order has been placed for shipment, the seller will receive an update on shipping status, inventory reports as well as an email confirmation with the tracking number of the order.  If a seller needs to have something shipped overseas, ShipMyOrders has the capabilities to handle this.

The company processes and handles returns as well.  They will open and inspect the products and then will provide the seller with product condition information – and then either restock or return the product to the seller.   They are also able to handle back orders by holding onto the order until there are enough products to completely fill the order properly.

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