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Webgistix has warehouses worldwide including:

Las Vegas, NV
New York, NY

Webgistix eliminates your overheads, allows you to easily scale your back end operations (up and down), and guarantees that all your orders will be shipped within 24 hours with 100% accuracy or it’s FREE.

Webgistix, like many other order fulfillment companies, will store your inventory of items for you, take the orders you receive, pack the items up, and then ship them to the customer. They actually guarantee that any item that is ordered will be packed and delivered within 24 hours or it is free.

The method of using Webgistix is simple and easy to execute:

•    Send then Your Items: It starts with you sending your items to be stored and inventoried in one of their massive warehouses. The company is large enough to handle just about anything you can throw their way.
•    Items get Ordered: Once your items are stored and inventoried you then go about your business of selling online or otherwise and once an order is received it is then routed to Webgistix.
•    Items get Prepped: Items that are ordered by your customers are then ‘picked and packed’ by Webgistix. They have all the packing materials in bulk there which means you will never again have to worry about ordering supplies.
•    Items get Shipped: The last step in the process is to have the items ship out. No more standing in line at the post office or waiting for UPS or FedEx as Webgistix takes care of that for you.

Webgistix has warehouses and facilities in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia which makes them a true global company. Because they have so many distribution and processing centers scattered about, they can get most package in the hand of customers in the US and Canada in a matter of a couple days.

The company has been around for over 10 years now and works with many big names in the selling business and one of their partners is eBay. Other big names on their partner roster include Yahoo Small Business, Google Checkout, and Ultra Cart. While this is no guarantee of success, it is nice to see so many big names lending a vote of confidence to the order fulfillment company.

Webgistix seems to be a rather flexible company and while they do not have any standard price packages they do offer free quotes to all who inquire. This gives them the opportunity to custom design a plan for you and it gives you an opportunity to decide if they will be right for your order fulfillment needs.

The biggest plus with Webgistix is that they offer all-inclusive pricing. What you are quoted for service is what you will pay with no hidden fees and no long term contracts to sign. While this is not unusual for an order fulfillment company to offer, it isn’t always an automatic item so it pays to know.

8 thoughts on “Webgistix”

  1. DON’T do it. These guys are slimy. For example, ask to see their financials.

    – Former Customer

  2. Whatever you do, do not use this company. Run away as fast as you can. And if you don’t believe this review, just look at the many other reviews online, elsewhere. I sure wish I had. Their advertising and promotion states that they offer all these 100% satisfaction guarantees but they don’t honor them. They made so many mistakes we began to feel sorry for them yet they always had an excuse as to why their error wouldn’t be covered by their guarantees. They do not take responsibility for their actions despite their boasting and promises. This is an extremely mediocre company which, instead of making your life easier by out-sourcing, will cause you more stress than you can imagine. Trust me, look elsewhere.

  3. We had a bad experience with Webgistix and we know we are not the only ones. Due to the lack adequate response to our claim with them thus far, we have now filed a claim with the BBB. We hope to settle our claim in the near future.

  4. I’ve had a good experience with Webgistix, and we’ve been with them for a couple of years now. There were very few errors, and they were fixed relatively quickly. The customer support always jumped through hoops to help us out. For us, at least, they have fulfilled all our expectations. Overall, I think they’re doing a great job, and I’d recommend them.

  5. By way of an update, I have heard back from the BBB and Webgistix has not even replied to the complaint. I will let you know where it goes from here.

    Greg, as recently as the latter part of 2010 I would have written the exact same review. What I didn’t know at the time was:

    1. They had violated our contract, and were overcharging us for approx. 4 years, by adding an additional hidden fee just a few months after we started with them.

    2. Our inventory was not properly cared for (some of which had to be discarded when we received it back).

    3. There were many discrepancies in the inventory that we would never know about until we did a physical count upon receipt of the product back to us (in both directions—we had some product they had told us we had run out of, and we were short on other things).

    4. How awful they treat exiting customers. I can also state that we are not the only customers treated this way. It was shocking and disgraceful that a company that portrays itself as a modern, customer friendly company would act in such a way. They didn’t give us straight answers, they threatened us, they changed the rules midstream, and basically told us to leave when we asked questions they didn’t like to answer.

    Greg, I hope your experience is better than mine, but my guess is you won’t see their true colors until you have a serious discrepancy and/or start asking questions about move-out, in particular their policy on reconciling move-out inventory.

    My next stop is small claims court.

  6. Definitely one of the better fulfillment houses out there. After trying a few others 3PL services, we can say that Webgistix provides excellent levels of personal service, affordability, and quality. Ever since we’ve switched to them we’ve been gotten numerous compliments on the speed of our products and the low number of errors. Keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks to all of you who have submitted a review of our fulfillment services. We at Webgistix are saddened to hear that some customers have felt our service levels were not sufficient, and would be more than happy to discuss any issues through email or over the phone.

    Webgistix was named to the “Best Companies” list by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), has won three consecutive “Outstanding Service” awards from UPS, and maintains an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

    We have served hundreds of customers and shipped millions of orders globally during our ten years of experience, and remain committed to the highest standards of operational performance, responsiveness, and customer support. We always welcome your feedback.

  8. We signed a contract with Webgistix dated August 11, 2006, in which they would perform “warehousing, packaging, shipping, inventory management, and other services.” The pricing was clearly specified in the terms and conditions of this contract.

    It was our expectation that Webgistix would (1) follow the fee schedule as set forth in this contract, and (2) maintain and protect our inventory. We have since found out that they have not met our expectations.

    (1) Contract: Our contract stipulates that the terms and conditions would be effective 8/11/06 “and remain in effect for an initial term of twelve (12) months from the Effective date, unless sooner terminated…Thereafter, this Agreement shall be automatically renewed for twelve-month terms, unless sooner terminated….”

    The contract also indicates that the fees remain in force “unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties.”

    Towards the end of 2010 Webgistix we became aware that our fee structure had changed within just a few months into our contract. Not only is it plain wrong to do this, it was clearly a violation of our contract

    In part of their response to our complaint Webgistix has suggested that our complaint is many years old, to which we say that the format of the invoice made it so that we were not aware of the change, and in any case such change should not have happened in the first place without proper notice and written consent (and certainly NOT within the first year).

    They claim to have advised us in writing (but we have no record of such a notice). The copy of the letter which was supposedly sent to us (and all customers), according to Webgistix in the fall of 2006 (shortly after we signed our contract), has an effective date of August 1, 2006!

    Clearly they actually sent this letter to all other existing clients well before our contract was signed, and were already planning to increase our rates, in which case it was misleading to present us with a contract that had prices which they had every intention to change so quickly.

    Bottom line is they signed a contract, and within 4½ months the terms changed, in a way that was not clear in the invoice, which cost us thousands of dollars over the course of our relationship with Webgistix.

    (2) Maintain & Protect Inventory: Upon moving out of Webgistix, and receiving our inventory back to our warehouse, we found that some of our products and a certain number of the cardboard bins that had been storing our product were dirty/dusty. Some of our product was shrink wrapped or in packs that could be wiped clean, but we were frustrated to think that they may have been sent to our customers in that state.

    Furthermore, some orders required bulk packs to be opened. In this case Webgistix allowed some of the loose items in the bulk packs to be stored in or come in contact with the dirty bins. Naturally, much of that inventory became soiled and was no longer saleable. Webgistix has stated that if we wanted our “products protected from the environment he could have had his items individually bagged like a number of other customers do.”

    Well, this wouldn’t have solved the issue of the individually bagged items became covered in dust, and in a condition that we would not have wanted to go to the customer. It also would not have solved the problem where some of our individually packed items had small round holes for air circulation, and in that one little hole there is a nice dust/dirt spot, making that item unsaleable.

    Additionally, if the bins are getting dusty/dirty, wouldn’t it have made sense to take precautions, such as ensuring the loose items are kept in the bulk bags? Or perhaps switching out the bins now and again? Or maybe telling us they are unable to keep our product free of dirt/dust so we could either find a solution, or find a fulfillment center that can better handle individual items.

    I feel that any fulfillment center has a responsibility to ensure the inventory is protected. If Webgistix feels it is unable to handle certain types of inventory it has a responsibility to make that clear, and/or compensate the company for lost inventory.

    Finally, while there were various discrepancies in the inventory count, most items arrived back more or less in the quantities we expected (some items we even received back that they had told us we didn’t have – – -nice surprise, but frustrating since we could have sold those items earlier, instead they were sitting there while we paid their storage fees).

    However, there was one item that was short from what they should have had in stock by 84pcs (wholesale value $10 each).

    We have filed a complaint to upper management at Webgistix for each of these issues, and made attempts to settle our complaints privately. As of today Webgistix management has (1) not explained why they felt they could change the terms our contract within months of it being signed, nor have they compensated us for the overcharges; and (2) not taken responsibility for the damaged & missing inventory.

    In our last attempt we submitted a good-faith offer at less than our legitimate claim, which they rebuffed, and in the end we were told to direct all future correspondence to their lawyer, which I refuse to do.

    I am sorry but given my experience, I am not impressed with your awards and ratings, or pledges of customer support (from unverified users).

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