Review of Easyship – the Free Fulfillment Service for Startups

Easyship is a centralized shipping platform that has partnered with over 100 different shipping carriers to create a one-stop shipping solution. These partnerships allow you to select the best, cheapest and fastest way to deliver your package – all in one place.

In the past, merchants were forced to negotiate shipping rates with each shipper or carrier individually, often requiring contracts or upfront deposits. Easyship has handled all of this for you already, negotiating discounts with dozens of carriers of up to 70%. This represents significant cost-savings for business owners.

With the ability to integrate with major eCommerce players like Amazon and Shopify, merchants can create a seamless workflow that allows them to find the best possible price for shipping for their customers, all in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Their Rates at Checkout feature gives customers full visibility at checkout, giving them all their shipping options at a glance. This feature gets your customers through the checkout process quickly and easily, ensuring that you capture that sale. A survey has even found that this feature has helped merchants to increase revenues by up to 300% for their international orders.

Global shipping can be a real hassle. Different countries have different rules. There are customs forms and manifests and a lot of rules. Easyship helps you cut through all of that red tape, providing all the information you need to get that package to your customer’s door. You can be confident that it will be handled appropriately. Easyship’s customers have seen a nearly 91% reduction in global shipping issues at customs.

Easyship has four core values that inform everything they do.

  • Transparency – No hidden fees, and no surprises
  • Keeping it Fresh – Easyship is committed to ongoing improvement and taking advantage of new technologies as they emerge.
  • Being Smooth – You can ship like a boss with their intuitive platform.
  • For Everyone – New business, small business, global corporation…no matter your size or needs, Easyship has a shipping solution for you.

Easyship has been making substantial investments in its shipping platform, to increase functionality and ease of use. For this reason, Easyship is now transitioning to a subscription model, which will allow them to continue to roll out new products and features to make your life and business run more smoothly.

The worldwide rollout of the subscription service will occur by February 1, 2020.

Are you already a customer? What does this mean for you?

New and small businesses will still be able to use the service for free for up to 100 shipments. If you are already a customer, you will continue to enjoy the same service and access for the next six months. At the end of that period, you can choose a subscription that works for you, at a 50% loyalty discount for life.

Easyship will offer four plans to meet the needs of every customer. Small businesses can take advantage of their free plan that offers up to 100 shipments a month, and custom plans can be created for enterprise customers. There are also plus and premier plans offering varying shipping levels and features.

By investing in the platform and leveraging new technologies to streamline shipping for global businesses, Easyship has developed a reputation for taking all the stress out of shipping for your business.  With access to a global network spanning 220 countries, Easyship is committed to helping your business grow. 

Easyship has a solution that is right for your business today and in the future. Their commitment to providing these services is fueled by a desire to facilitate the growth and success of businesses around the world.

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  1. I love this app! I’ve had no problems and easyship has really helped me to keep my shipping process organized and streamlined. not ever had logistical now i always get my orders out effectively and quickly. Of course this has helped to keep my customers happy, which is what it’s all about!

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