trueship reviewsReadyShipper was built for your business. It is a system simple enough for the small business shipping 10 packages a day and robust enough for the enterprise that will ship thousands. Import as many as a thousand orders in less than 20 seconds, view them, sort them, and ship them. Its that easy.

Review of is shipping software that was designed to be fast and efficient to use. Shipping in a timely and accurate manner is the most important thing you can do in order to keep your customers happy. The idea behind is to take what you already use and what you already like and make it better.

The main software of choice that is offered by is ReadyShipper. No matter what shipping platform you prefer to use, ReadyShipper will work with it. When you decide to use ReadyShipper, one of the first things you will do is integrate the United States Postal Service and then have the choice to use either UPS or FedEx for your larger parcels.

ReadyShipper easily works with many of the most common ecommerce platforms such as:

•    Amazon
•    eBay
•    Megento
•    Many More

With its many interactive features, ReadyShipper can interface with your ecommerce of choice and import new orders for you. Once there, you can have ReadyShipper go to work and prepare your packing slips, create your shipping labels, and even e-mail tracking to your customers. There is even a feature which allows you to use one click of the mouse and have your entire ecommerce platform updated showing when items have shipped out.

All of the software that offers works for both a PC and a Mac. So, no matter what type of computer you prefer to use, you can take advantage of’s software.

Besides ReadyShipper, also offers the following:

•    ReadyReturns: Helps you deal with and manage any items that get returned to you.
•    ReadyModules: Provides you with even more features by way of plug-ins for your ReadyShipper program.
•    ReadyLabels: Combines both the shipping label and the packing slip saving you both time and money.
•    TrueSupport: One on one set up and customer care with a technical support representative. This package includes live web, phone, and e-mail support. also offers a free 14-day trail of their popular ReadyShipper software so that you can see for yourself if the software will help you reach new heights with your online business. The version that they offer with the free trial is not a stripped down version and instead is the version that contains all the bells and whistles.

A good idea is to read over some of the testimonials that are on the actual website provided by This gives you an idea of how others who have used the software before you may have benefited from it. Of course, these testimonials will likely be all on the positive side, so you may want to conduct a search for some independent reviews online before you decide to fully commit to the product.

Order fulfillment should be every business owner’s top priority. If you have an online business and find that your shipping is in the less than desirable category, then you may need to consider software that can help you out, such as the software you can obtain at

Try Trueship free for 14 days.

3 thoughts on “Trueship”

  1. I thought that TrueShip was going to be an answer to our shipping prayers.

    Far from it.

    The software was difficult to learn and full of bugs. Customer support was seriously lacking. When I could get someone on the phone, they were helpful enough, but many emails and phone calls went unanswered, and problems left unaddressed. This software “solution” which was supposed to save us time, ended up costing us untold hours of trying to work around the quirks and bugs. (For instance, not downloading PayPal orders properly, necessitating us having to go in and manually edit each order.)

    I tried for months to get TrueShip’s ReadyShipper to integrate with our UPS account and reflect our negotiated UPS rates. Customer service was no help in trying to get this corrected.

    We are now using ShipWorks and are much, much happier!
    Within a day of using ShipWorks, we were able to see our negotiated rates. No bugs. Integrates seamlessly with Magento.

    The final straw with TrueShip was when I went to cancel my account. Unable to cancel account online. Sent an email request to close account. Auto-responder promised a reply within 24 hours. No confirmation ever came. Have since made three phone calls to request confirmation of cancellation, and have still not received.

    Very disappointed. Would not recommend at all.

  2. I love ReadyShipper. I’ve been using it now for about 2 months after I found this product review. It has saved me countless hours on my shipping process. My process was quite outdated, but it has really help make it simple to bring my fulfillment up to speed. I was able to connect it to my Volusion store in a few steps and start shipping my orders out pretty quick.

    I use the USPS priority mail flat rate boxes for my smaller items and I have saved a lot of money. They have some negotiated discount I had never heard of before and it’s been a huge bonus for my business. It’s really slick that I can use my UPS account with my discount all in one place as well.

    I’m not too computer savy so I appreciate that they pick up the phone when I called. The support was good.

    It’s not perfect, but it is the best value for multi-carrier shipping software that I have found so far and it has helped me a lot. I definitely recommend trying it for yourself.

  3. I really enjoyed using ReadyShipper. I did the ReadyShipper trial for two weeks and I was so happy with the software that I purchased it. In the two weeks I took advantage of a couple modules one of them being the QuickBooks module. The QuickBooks module is a powerful module that made my work load a lot easier and helped me save time. The module helped me import my orders individually or in batch, it updated QuickBooks with tracking numbers and shipping cost, it even supports invoices and Sales. Currently ReadyShipper doesn’t offer a networked version which is a little bit of a problem because I am thinking about expanding and if I have ReadyShipper at each location they won’t communicate with each other.
    ReadyShipper may not be the perfect software but it has more pros then cons by far. I highly recommend ReadyShipper.

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